Creating better business

Developing an effective strategy

Between-us believes a sustainability strategy should be an extension of a company’s business strategy, rather than a stand-alone addition. By building on existing values, goals and objectives, we ensure corporate social responsibility becomes part of everyday business.

Implementation for value creation

Value creation only occurs when strategy is actually executed. Between-us supports organizations in implementing sustainability strategies and turning them into concrete initiatives and actions. We provide both turnkey and customized solutions as well as interim management services.

Leading with communication

Measuring the outcome of a program or action is vital in determining how successful it is and how it can most effectively be managed. Increasing stakeholder demand for non-financial information also requires organizations to be transparent and to be pro-active in responding to questions.
Telenet Idealabs takes off with 10 startup teams

3 Reasons why companies should start an accelerator

Corporate accelerators are hot business. Every self-respecting enterprise seems to have initiated a creative hotbed where starting entrepreneurs are coached in making their young businesses a success. Google and Microsoft are obvious candidates to step into startup acceleration, but what about corporations such as Telefónica, Volkswagen and Barclays? Is there a real business case behind these endeavors or is it just a short-lived hype that will be over in a few years?
February 23, 2015

INSEAD Singapore presents 'Leading the Business of Sustainability'

Singapore Kite Festival-cropped.jpg The 5-day course 'Leading the Business of Sustainability' on INSEAD Singapore will show you how to make the case for change in your company’s sustainability approach, demonstrating best practices for engaging with stakeholders, changing mindsets, and how sustainability becomes a profitable part of your organization.
A dozen of practical questions that help your company to avoid fail-factors

12 questions to roast any sustainability strategy

marshmallow.jpg Sustainability strategy is a notion easily used, but hard to capture. How to design a sustainability strategy that is part of the regular business and not an add-on? The fact that only 37 percent of CEO’s trust they have a clear business case for sustainability* triggered us to investigate which elements should a solid sustainability strategy contain.
Results of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2014

DJSI 2014: Who performs best on sustainability?

0.jpg September 11th was an exciting day for companies that have participated in RobecoSAM’s Dow Jones Sustainability Assessment 2014. Finally, the answer was to be given to the most pressing question: did our company maintain, improve or deteriorate its position in the most credible benchmark for the sustainable investment community?
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