Creating better business
Aligning business with sustainability

Developing effective strategies

Between-us believes a sustainability strategy should be an extension of a company’s business strategy, rather than a stand-alone addition. By building on existing values, goals and objectives, we ensure corporate social responsibility becomes part of everyday business.
Putting strategy to work

Implementation for value creation

Value creation only occurs when strategy is actually executed. Between-us supports organizations in implementing sustainability strategies and turning them into concrete initiatives and actions. We provide both turnkey and customized solutions as well as interim management services.
Be good and tell it!

Leading with communication

Measuring the outcome of a program or action is vital in determining how successful it is and how it can most effectively be managed. Increasing stakeholder demand for non-financial information also requires organizations to be transparent and to be pro-active in responding to questions.
Where family business, innovation, sustainability and guerrilla marketing meet

The Innovation Story of Bavaria

Mid Februari 2013, the case “Bavaria and the Swinkels Familiy: Brewing a Sticky Brand” won the prestigious 2012 EFMD Case Writing Competition in the category “Family Business”. The case was written by Benoit Leleux, professor at IMD Lausanne and Jan van der Kaaij, managing partner at Between-us and highlights the key success factors of challenger beer brand Bavaria.
‘Survival of the fittest’ as the single recipe for sustainable growth

DSM: Sustainability as driver for innovation

dsm-sustainability-driver-for-innovation-27114152035.png The British naturalist Charles Darwin noted in his publications that it was not the strongest of the species that survived but the fittest, i.e. those most responsive to change. We have come to notice this is not only the case in nature, but also in business. Prime example of a company able to adjust to changing circumstances while realizing growth and profitability: DSM.
Successful pilot in the Netherlands paves the way for Treemagotchi

Why Unilever rolls out a gamification tool throughout Europe

Unilever_1.jpg Mid May Unilever started the European rollout of Treemagotchi at work in nine different countries, and in eight different languages. After only three days already 46 percent of the 5.000 invited employees were actively involved, after two weeks the counter ticks no less than 67 percent. The deployment follows a very successful introduction at Unilever Benelux last year that proved that more engagement, better understanding, and genuine interaction on sustainability in only six weeks can be done. The pilot project of the Treemagotchi social e-learning method ran at the company in order to engage colleagues for its business model of sustainable growth, the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP).
Heritage case: Tropical shrimp farming from residual energy

Happy Shrimp: Creating Shared Value avant la lettre

Night of the prawns.jpg These days, one of the most sought after concepts for aligning sustainability with daily business operations is Creating Shared Value (CSV). Michael Porter and Mark Kramer launched this concept in their much touted Harvard Business Review article Strategy & Society: The Link between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility. An early CSV case example demonstrates how this concept can be put into practice by marrying a startup with several other stakeholders such as E.ON and the Port of Rotterdam.
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