Strategy development

Delivering business centric sustainability requires embedded and integrated sustainability. Our sustainable strategy development services help you to design an effective sustainability strategy that is built on existing values, goals and objectives. We develop clear business cases and long term strategies, that we translate into an actionable roadmap. In this way, sustainability turns into a key driver for financial and societal impact at your company.

Integration services

Integrating sustainability in your organization requires a solid and actionable program. Our ambition is to support you in the process of developing a competent sustainability roadmap, and guide you with structured program management. Building on your long-term objectives, we translate the roadmap into annual operational plans including concrete initiatives and must-win battles. Internal alignment with the operational business plans helps you to build further on shared goals.

Innovation services

Many companies are driving R&D and innovation from a technical perspective. Delivering sustainable innovation that creates stakeholder value, requires a different approach. Our innovation services are tailored to the needs of the individual company within a specific context. We help organizations to identify and meet the preconditions of sustainable innovation, such as engaging with the right stakeholders, mobilize winning teams, and securing a balanced innovation portfolio in order to build long-term business success.
Redefining sustainability from a constraint into an opportunity

INSEAD Singapore and Unilever present 'Leading the Business of Sustainability'

As a result of the partnership between INSEAD and Unilever, INSEAD Singapore organizes from 2 to 6 November the 'Leading the Business of Sustainability' programme. The 5-day course will show you how to make the case for change in your company’s sustainability approach, demonstrating best practices for engaging with stakeholders, changing mindsets, and how sustainability becomes a profitable part of your organization.
Mapping new business opportunities from sustainable innovation

24 Ways to X-ray Your Customers in a Sustainable Fashion

Method - via press kit.jpg Many companies around the globe are gradually evolving from CSR centered around communication and philanthropy towards a form of business integrated sustainability. As a result, more and more companies are making an effort to capture the hidden market opportunities in this new vicinity. Unfortunately, the opportunities do not present themselves that readily. Moreover, many organizations are using old maps to find new land by applying traditional market research methods that fail to focus on uncovering the correct sustainability drivers. But how can companies better research and unlock the innovation potential from material issues?
BlackRock's guidance to engage on ESG issues

Building a Culture of Long-Term Investment and Growth

Monopoly 5588594181_4e5fc121e9_o.jpg The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, has teamed up with nonprofit sustainability leader Ceres to create guidance for institutional investors on engaging with companies and policymakers on sustainability issues. The guide “21st Century Engagement: Investor Strategies for Incorporating ESG Considerations into Corporate Interactions” includes tactics and case studies from 37 experts spanning 6 countries.
Between-us proudly joins the Advisory Board of INSEAD's Roundtables

INSEAD Sustainability Executive Roundtables

le louvre flickr 6893326896_89b60e39c0_k.jpg As of February 2015, Jan van der Kaaij, co-founder of Between-us has been invited to join the Advisory Board for INSEAD's Sustainability Executive Roundtables, which bring together industry experts, senior level executive alumni and academics. Since 2003 the Alumni Sustainability Roundtables are held to discuss the business impact of sustainable development at the INSEAD Fontainebleau Campus twice a year. The Roundtables are guided by an Advisory Board of senior alumni in collaboration with the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre.
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